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Apr 1
April Fool's Pranks Are No Joke!


Some people started planning their April 1 pranks a week to two weeks to some even months ago. They started setting the mood for the joke by playing out certain scenarios and situations to set up the joke and make it more believable. For instance:


The computer storm warm email virus that had technical programmers scrambling to fix it and undo any damage that it may have caused.

The fireman that was bombarded with cream pies in his face.

Google's gmail hoax. I didn't think it was very funny though.

Why do people play April Fool's jokes? To get a laugh of course. But how do these "laughs" affect productivity in the workplace? How can you keep them to a minimum and still allow the staff to have fun and let their hair down?

First, divide the pranks into categories if you want them received well:

The 1960s activist and prankster Abbie Hoffman reportedly divided practical jokes into three categories. The bad ones involve vindictive skewering, or the sort of head-shaving, shivering-in-boxers fraternity hazing that the sociologist Erving Goffman described as “degradation ceremonies.” Neutral tricks are more akin to physical punch lines, like wrapping the toilet bowl in cellophane, depositing a massive pumpkin on top of the student union building, or pulling some electronic high jinks on a co-worker’s keyboard (though on deadline this falls quickly into the “bad” category).         (Full story)

This helps to keep the joke in perspective and simplified. When people know what the outcome of their little prank will be, it's easier to follow through with it and sometimes even with a straight face!

In a corporate setting, there really isn't any way to prank someone easily without it affecting the office, but should always be done in a professional manner. This means, not performing pranks that are going to harm or embarass someone.

Take caution to be sure that the joke is in good taste and carried out carefully.

Happy April Fool's Day!

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I've never been too keen on pranks and practical jokes either. Some say its because I'm too serious but I say its because I don't see why humiliating someone or getting a laugh at their expense is supposed to be funny.

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