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Obama Is Going To Save Us...Or Will He?


With a sagging economy, a sad housing market and stagflation on the rise, Obama’s promises of getting the country back on sound footing sounds more and more hopeful with each passing day. For a country of people who are desperate for a change, could Barak be the answer that we’re all seeking? Whenever we’re faced with problems in life, it is so easy to look for an easy, comfortable way out. When we look for answers, we want to be sure we find ones that are easy, low-cost and as stress-free as possible. In this political climate that we’re in as a country, it is so easy and even encouraging to look for answers that are just as easy and accomplishable. How much participation should we have in our own reformation as a country? Should we expect our political leaders to solve our problems? Or, should we have wait and see what happens in our future and just contribute only when asked?


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