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Mar 3
Leading in Times of Stagflation
Stagflation, a period of stagnation and the unforgiveable periods of inflation, can wreak havoc on any organization thriving and seeing a bottom line that's not the color black. Leaders who are trying to plough through these tough times can find it challenging to keep qualified employees and motivate the current ones. What can he or she do to lead in times of stagflation?


Leaders should encourage their organizations by being brutally honest and giving the team options amidst these tough times. There is no other way to present the problem, there is no other way to sugar-coat and neither should it be. A stagnant economy is a very real thing and offering pie-in-the-sky solutions only add insult to injury.


Tell the folks in your organization to spend wisely, save fiercely. Monitor expenses more closely and ensure that the money in your firm is being used to its maximum. Cut out unnecessary expenses and expenditures. Inject motivation into your organization by rewarding cost-saving measures and disciplined behavior.


Warren Buffet assured the nation that we are in fact in a recession, therefore, measures should be taken to ensure that the recession lifts quickly and expeditiously. With a little effort on everyone’s part, perhaps we can come out unscathed.



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