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Governor Eliot Spitzer: To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required


Citing a Biblical passage from Luke 12:48, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned his office with a deep remorse for his actions. Perhaps not so deep, but nonetheless remorseful. I think in this case, it was more of remorse of getting caught than the act itself.


Although his decision to resign was not met with any "no don't do its", Governor Spitzer was correct in his assessment that those who lead are held to a higher standard of morals, integrity and ethics. Yes leaders are human, but they are also expected to possess the knowledge and resources needed to guard against temptations, failures and inadequacies. In other words, they should try a little harder.

I respect Governor Spitzer for taking responsibility for his actions and resigning from his position of leadership and authority. I respect Governor Spitzer because he didn’t deny what he had done, nor did he blame anyone else for his actions. I respect Governor Spitzer because he chose to step down from his office, actually to leave politics altogether, and avoid a more humiliating and embarrassing position of being “found out.”

While I DO NOT agree with what Governor Spitzer did, I do agree with the way he handled it. I would venture to say that if and when he ever gets back into politics, or any other field for that matter, he will give this time in his life more thought and consideration before he makes a bad choice like the one he has made recently.

Leaders must understand that they’re accountable for their actions. Because to whom much is given, much IS required.



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Well, I heard Spitzer's statement, I am moved by Eliot Spitzer's humility and his expression of gratitude and regret. His description of having failed his family and the public took courage. All of us do have failings and all of us in public and private life can benefit from the example of how he has handled this unfortunate situation. Once I read a book about him -- "Spoiling for a Fight": http://dealstudio.com/searchdeals.php?deal_id=91654&ru=279 , I think he is unique. Though he did something wrong, I still admire his intention to continue to serve in the future and to make healing his first priority.

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