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What Will eBay Corporate Leaders Do To End The Boycott? That Is, If They Can

When eBay (NASDAQ: eBay) announced earlier this year that they would be increasing their fee structure and changing its feeback system, they webay-thumb.jpgere met with many unhappy and disgruntled customers, the bulk of them who generate significant sales that gives eBay a significant commission fee. 


The structure changes and fee hikes have caused sellers to combine forces and announce a strike on eBay. This means they refuse to sell anything on their eBay sites or place their stores on "vacation" from the period of February 18th - Febraury 21st. While some sellers will participate and some will not

"The strike, or boycott, is about all I am seeing in my groups, forums, news feeds, and on eBay blogs. I'm more than interested to see how many sellers actually pull their listings, or put their stores on vacation. I will not. First of all, I am not that passionate about the changes. I'll adapt and move on."

(Excerpted from the blog of eBay power seller and Know More Media's author of PowerSellKing).

buyers on the other hand will most likely simply turn to another seller until they find the item they are seeking. Will this move help or hurt eBay?

Company leaders have a direct loyalty to one concern: keeping investors happy and making sure that bottom line stays black. In the quest to do so, there will be many that are unhappy with the way that eBay chooses to do business. But as corporate leaders, should they be concerned with anything else?

Let me know what you think. Come back tomorrow for my answer and what I think eBay's leaders should do.

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