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The Writer's Strike Was Well Worth It!



Hollywood screen writer’s can now sigh a sigh of relief. Almost. After Tuesday’s vote decides the fate of movie and television writers, the possibility of writer’s going back to their beloved craft can come as early as Wednesday. If there isn’t a unanimous vote to life the strike, well, let’s just hope there is.


The writer’s strike has been ongoing for three months with writer’s demanding salary adjustments and percentages of gains from the sales of DVD and movie rental materials. There have been numerous negotiated talks and meeting with the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG), the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), television producers, writers and directors. The roadblock has been in both sides coming to what they deem a “fair” agreement for both parties concerned.


As a writer, I of course side with the writer’s on strike in this case because I do firmly believe that writer’s should be fairly compensated for their work and creativity. Capitalism should not exist only to benefit the producers or directors, for without content, good quality content, there isn’t a need for writers or producers, now is there?


It is important for you in your quest to find good, valuable content online for personal or professional reasons. You certainly don’t want to compromise that by simply “settling” for what’s available, or even not being able to find anything at all valuable.


I applaud the writer’s for striking and standing up to demand a fair share of the profits for the labor of their work. I applaud the writer’s for being vigilant and consistent in holding fast to what they felt and believed to be right in their own eyes. I applaud the writer’s for assigning value to their hard work, their creativity, their passion for their craft and their love of the game.


I imagine that when the writer’s return to work n Wednesday, we will begin to see a stream of rich, fresh content on our favorite shows from writer’s who are well-rested and raring to go. These folks have had ample time to drum up new ideas, get a fresh start and a different take and re-analyze which direction they want their writing to take. So when they say the strike was well worth it, I say Amen!

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