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4 Leaders Leaping

In honor of today being Leap Year, I thought I'd make a post about, what else, leap%20year.jpgleadership. But not any old ordinary post. In this post I'd like to highlight 4 major things I've learned as a leader and how they govern my life.

Since Leap Year (Day) occurs every four years, I think four is the befitting magical number. This also ties into the contest that I'm also running here at Leader Notes, so if you're so inclined, I'd love to have you join in and give me your best leadership moments. Here goes:

1. Always Lead by Example. This is what I try to do with each choice I make as a leader. I would never ask those under my guidance to do something that a.) I haven't already done myself or b.) something that I wouldn't be willing to do. Remember leaders, people are watching you!


2. Lead With a Plan. Have a goal or an end in mind. Always know where you want to go from where you're starting out. Leaders should always be armed with a plan and not just "wing-it" or pull rank because they're leaders.


3. Motivate the troops. Leaders do not have to be nor do they need to be dry. To get people to follow you and do what you say they have to know you're human, or, at least a little human. Don't confuse leadership with dictatorship. Find creative ways to spark and motivate those that you lead.


4. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. I cannot stress enough how important it is for leaders to communicate with their teams or employees. Communication is the key to having a successful and productive outcome to all of your leadership endeavors. Talk to them, find out what they're thinking, how they feel. See #3.


There you have it. I have listed four of my leader lessons that have helped shape the type of leader that I am.


I'd love to see your's too. Do share!


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