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Steve Jobs and the New MacBook Computer Impress Consumers



The man is a genius.

Today at MacWorld Expo 2008, Steve Jobs in his keynote address unveiled the new trim. slim and ultra-sleek MacBook Air, touted as the world's thinnest notebook. No one is arguing with him.

"It's the world's thinnest notebook (computer)," Jobs said with a smile. "We went out and looked at all the thin notebooks out there and tried to distill a best-of-breed."

The man behind the impressive vision of the MacIntosh products has been a phenomenal player in the technological world. A college dropout in 1976 when he teamed up with Steve Wozniak to sell personal computers out of Jobs' garage, Jobs' went on to become one of the nation's prototypes of success and hard work. He hasn't allowed anything to deter him from being an absolute success in his field.

In the technological world of business there are constant competitions going on to see who can make computers better, faster, smaller and sleeker. The race never ends when it comes to accessorizing and adding-on, making systems more compatible without sacrificing speed or quality. There seems to not be any shortage of analysts to determine what the next "in" thing is and who will unveil it. Today, Steve jobs unveiled his new techno-toy and orders at $1799 have already been placed to be one of the "first" to have it.

And if the new MacBook sleek computer is any indication of more good things to come, let's keep our eyes on Mr. Jobs.

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