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Lead By Being Honest, Open and Real
If I threw out some big words in a hurried fashion, I perhaps may impress you, albeit temporary. If I told you that I've spoken to hundreds of thousands of people from several different countries on multiple continents, again I may impress you. If I told you that I've authored hundreds of books, am in high demand as an international speaker and my appointments are booked months and years in advance, again, I'm sure you would be impressed. But, I have a problem with this type of "impressing" people. You see, leadership is not about the tangibles like books, speaking engagements and contracts. True leadership is about changes in people, changes in systems and a marked difference in the way things are done.


There are conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops, etc., etc. on how you can become a leader - - an effective leader. There are hundred of books written that will tell you how to write your own books (on leadership, of course), classes that will teach you the fundamentals of leadership and mentors that will share with you how they've amassed success and will show you how you can too. I still have problems with that.


In all of my years as a leader in different industries, there is one thing that I have learned: people want true, honest leaders that are transparent. People want leaders that they can “see” themselves in, those that know and can identify with where they’ve been and where they’re trying to go.


So while it may be impressive to spout big words and show off big contracts, think about what you’re really aspiring to do as a leader. Just be honest, be open and be real. Are you?




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