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Big Leaders Who Are Big Givers



In a move that just might make the mighty "O" bigger than what she already is, Oprah Wynfrey has come up with another project that is destined to make her more famous, more celebrated and more loved.

Oprah is giving away money and more of it.

Oprah Wynfrey's new reality television show, "Oprah's Big Give" is slated to premier on March 2nd. With it, a slew of her loyal fans who stand in jaw-dropping lines just to be around the feel good philanthropist. But, is Oprah's giving anything new, or anything that should be celebrated? Isn't philanthropy an old idea?

Philanthropists have been sharing their money, resources and time for centuries. When they make themselves available in this away, the are dubbed "leaders" or a "good man" or a "good woman." When in fact what people admire about them is their willingness to freely give away what others have fought, killed and died for.

Leaders who are givers will always be popular. However, does being a leader mean that you are already an automatic giver? Or, should you just lead and direct and not give your time or resources? I think that leaders should be givers in every sense of the word. Givers of their time, their resources and ESPECIALLY their money. When you give your finances, you encourage others, you show that you value their cause and their beliefs. And, how else can you effectively lead unless you show that you value others?

Although I might not get a chance to watch Oprah's giveaway television show premiere, I can be sure of one thing. Her (yet another) example of her willingness to share generously of her means will show a potential leader how big leaders do it.

By giving.

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