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The Power of a Leader's Vision


Proverbs 9:19 "...where there is no vision, the people perish..."

Solomon's words here are one of the mantras that I try to live my life by to the fullest. It is imperative that any effective leader have and keep a clear vision of where they are, where they want to be a distinct path on how to get there. There are people counting on that leader. In many cases, there are families, organizations, corporations, countries and cities counting on the vision of that leader. There must be a vision.

A leader's power and voice are tied directly into the vision that he or she has set for those that follow them. If their vision is rich, exciting and viral, there will be followers. If their vision is weak, muddled or cloudy, there will still be people that follow them. The quality of the vision does not drive the followers loyalty. The leader will not fail. The absence of the vision is what causes the followers to perish. They must have something to follow.

There are numerous leaders throughout history who have led good, have led bad and have led questionable. Regardless of what the likeability factor was, they still had a vision and they led with it. Even when there have been political leadership decisions that have been to the masses detriment, there have been loyal and faithful followers. These leaders have one characteristic about them that make them effective. They have a vision.

An absence of a vision means an absence of directives. No one knows what to do without clear directions. So many questions abound. A visionary leader will be able to set plans in place to ensure that their vision is carried out to its fullest. They will be effective in directing teams to the goal. A vision is not only necessary, it is crucial. 

The power of a leader's vision is in having one and executing it. Any leader that has "plans", or "ideas" that are not implemented are simply ineffective leaders. Simply. The followers, or the "people" that follow the vision will love you if your plan works and will hate you if it doesn't. But, you will never know until it is tested.

For without it, they surely will perish.

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