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The Mitchell Report Spotlights a lack of Leadership

With the release of the “Mitchell Report,” the world got a glimpse of the ugly truth that Major Baseball and its high-priced talent is rife with performance-enhancing drug use. While the revelation that players are using performance-enhancing drugs is nothing that many fans have not already suspected, it still stings a little to see high profile baseball players such as Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Miguel Tejada, Eric Gagne, Paul Lo Duca, among others on the list.

As reported by Know More Media and others, the Mitchell Report was to be released today. The report, authored and led by former senator and federal prosecutor George Mitchell made the report available after a press conference. This much anticipated report identifies a number of currently active baseball players. You can read the entire Mitchell Report here.

Sadly, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and other leaders and owners of baseball have been willing to ignore what others have suspected in order to sell more tickets, hot dogs and memorabilia. The report, complete with recommendations, will likely change that attitude. According to MLB.com, "Everyone involved in baseball shares responsibility," Mitchell said during a news conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. "Commissioners, club officials, the Players Association and players. I can't be any clearer than that."

Now that the cat is clearly out of the rosin bag, I suspect the leaders of baseball will make the changes necessary to reduce the use of performance-enhancing drugs. However, being forced to change because of a negative report is not leadership. We need leaders of business, government and sport that will make difficult decisions that are “right” even if it may affect the bottom line for a quarter or even a year. In a world of increasing science and technology, the private sector will continually outpace the ability of law makers to regulate.blacksox.jpg

Ethical Leadership is required in a world of rapid innovation. Today more than ever, we need leaders to do what is right, whether the law requires it or not. An we need leaders at every level of the organization. The lack of leadership in Major League Baseball is not merely at the Commissioner post. Owners, managers, coaches, team captains, agents all could have stepped up sooner and made a difference. Effective leaders must have integrity and integrity is characterized by doing what’s right – irrespective of the consequences.

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Ethical leadership is CRUCIAL in any organization where their decisions affect the masses. I agree that although the administrators have to do what's responsible not only for the stock-holders but also for the general public, the fans should also take heed to not believe everything they see. Be careful to not let those rose-colored glasses take on a permanent stain. Thanks Hal!

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