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Is Don Imus A Fascinating Character?


Controversial, I give him, but Don Imus being hailed as one of the Most Fascinating People Of 2007 by Barbara Walter's and NBC, I think not. While I also realize that advertisers want viewers and ratings, don't you think adding Imus to the 'fascinating" list was a bit short-sighted and not so smart? After all, here we have a man that insulted people and for that we give him even more attention by calling him "fascinating". That makes me worry.

You may wonder why I'm even bothering to write about him if I have such a questionable view about the man and his behavior. Well, it's because while Don Imus is not a very good word-watcher, you have to admit that he is a leader. In a previous post I talked about Don Imus and his effect on people and how his brand of radio-style sharing is not so unusual, but how the public actually encourages it. The man is a leader because he influences others and they follow in his footstps. Radio personailities have learned for years the way to gain a listening audience and hold their attention is to talk about something controversial and be sarcastically funny at the same time. This is the style that Imus has subscribed too, which is more popualrly known as the "shock-jock" style.

Hal also talked about Mr. Imus in a previous article months ago after that ill-fated comment that caused Imus his job. But, as things look now, not only will Imus return, but he has made it somewhat clear that not only will he not change but it is unlikely that he will censor himself. Remember, I said he was a leader. Just not a conscious, thoughtful one, and it takes all kinds of leaders to make effective leaders.

But, as Malcolm said, what we don't need is the same old Imus.


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Well, I can't speak for everyone, but I'm definitely not fascinated by him.

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