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Dec 3
Future Leaders Are in Some of the Best High Schools in the Country


As a leader and a professional speaker, I am invited as a speaker to high schools quite often to speak on the topic of entrepreneurailship and starting successful businesses. As you can well imagine, sometimes the students are interested, sometimes they are not. But my job is not to 'entertain' or interest them, but to give them solid, useful information theat they can use to find a life for themselves in the area of entrepreneiralism. In my ventures, I have found that the high schools that have the highest GPA's and the highest student involvement ratio overall are the schools that had the most inquisitive students about the subject of small business owners. They are the ones who wanted to know the in's and out's of starting their own businesses, how it works, wha they need, so on and so forth. Students that show this much interest in business topics also typcially rank higher in SAT's and get into some of the best bsuiness schools.

What sets any high school apart as "the best"? What formula was used to determine what high school was the best? Is it all sctrictly acadameia or is it sports? What about the student make-up? Does culture play any role in it? According to the US News and World Report, there are certain criteria that they have used in judgin who's the best - - and who doesn't rank at all, and why.

In my own opinion, America's Best High Schools are not equated in what their football scores are or what the fashionistas are wearing, but are solidly rooted in what the business leaders of tommorrow are doing and saying.

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