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Nov 9
You've Got To Know When To Hold Them and When To Fold Them

Just as in a game of poker, the player must be careful not to show emotion or gambling.jpgexcitement lest he give away his intentions, so should a leader be when dealing with sticky, controversial subjects. Such is the case with the newly appointed Attorney General, Michael Mukasey who has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate despite the controversy of his views on waterboarding. The question as to whether or not the act is illegal is not what has the Democrats and the Republicans not playing nice but it is the fact that Mr. Mukasey will not openly declare the act illegal. His avoidance of the subject or his lack to firmly denounce this horrendous act is what has his supporters (and non-supporters) conflicted.

"We cannot afford to take the judgment of an attorney general who either does not know torture when he sees it, or is willing to look the other way," said Senator Edward Kennedy.

Even though the retired judge has a job to do, being too open about his views on certain subjects can prove to be catastrophic for his office. Acknowledging that waterboarding is even practiced can open up the current administration to possible criminal prosecution and lengthy investigations...something they do not need right now. But does avoiding the subject or skirting around it make him unethical?

Leaders often have to make difficult choices whether or not to divulge information for the sake of and the safety of all involved parties, or, to not say anything and let the chips fall where they may. And just like poker, the results can be a game of chance with no one knowing who the winner could be.

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