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Nov 7
Do Women Make Better Leaders?
Marketing groups conduct surveys and studies to find out what niche marbusiness%20woman.jpgket would benefit and receive the widest possible value from their product or service. This task is often conducted rigorously over a period of weeks, months and sometimes even years, depending on the demographics. In most all of the studies that are designed to find out who to sell to and who buys more, it is almost always women who top the chart. That's why women make better leaders. Because women know what women want. Women are being recruited to executive boards in record numbers in an effort to match what marketing studies have uncovered. That is, since women are the primary economic decision makers in households, it stands to reason that a female CEO or executive board member can greatly affect the buying attitude and decision making of and for female consumers. Women leaders are becoming a commodity while Fortune 500 companies aggressively seek their expertise to join their teams and ramp up their marketing efforts. Post-graduate business schools are frequented by major corporations seeking for women who not only make the grade but possess the business savvy to run their companies. All of this attention towards the female leader leads one to conjecture: Do women, in fact, make better leaders?



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» Women Business Leaders Making a Difference from LeaderNotes
   On last week I made a post discussing whether or not women make effective leaders, if not the best leaders. While this issue is debatable and will probably be for times to come, the times we live in reflect leaders of... [Read More]

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