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When Leaders Incude a Spot for Brains to Operate

Research increasingly shows how to enhance a workplace by including brain based opportunities to learn and accomplish more.

Experts such as Marian Diamonds, at the University of California at Berkeley discovered that enriched environments influence the brains of rats positively, a18Brain-Cramps.jpgnd can also increase learning growth for tangible benefits at work. How so?

1. Create a lively setting where mutual exchanges are more the norm than top down delivery of solutions. Allow people to actively participate and encourage solutions wherever you hear about or observe problems. Positive support moves the human brain in the direction of improved output.

2. Provide fun and laughter opportunities and you will also contribute to a new zest for learning better approaches to just about everything. That’s because laughter and an enjoyable workplace lift the brain to new heights of creation. Pressure and stress, on the other hand, work against the brain’s ability to create or sustain growth.

3. Offer chances for people to select projects that match their talents and encourage them to select areas to develop new areas. People use more hidden and unknown areas of their brains when opportunities arise for preferences at work.

4. Encourage team efforts and suggest tactics that will lead to winning results for teams. When people get too busy – or when they lack team building or conflict resolution skills time and talent is lost in teams. A few brain based tactics could turn that around for satisfied workers who will raise a firm’s bottom line profits.

5. Raise unique workplace challenges with rewards for the departments that come in on top. Look at the goals you wish to accomplish in an department and then create a contest to gain workers’ best solutions for that goal. One manager saw a need to improve sliding safety standards. He held a contest with gift certificate for the team who improved most each month. Safety issues decreased to less than half within weeks and were still dropping when I last spoke to him. All through worker incentives for creating new safety suggestions.

While these few adjustments at work could propel a firm to the cutting edges of productivity, it often amazes me that many of the brain based opportunities here go missing in the average workplace. Take this survey to answer the question … 

What condition would you add to these few brain based essentials for a winning place to work?

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I really enjoyed what was said here. I was immediately reminded of a book called "How to get Ideas" that addresses a lot about the environment conducive to getting ideas and being creative. I agree with having an environment that fosters free thinking and as mentioned here a "lively setting". I agree 100%. I also appreciate the leadership aspects. Leaders can steer their groups with challenging yet accomplish-able goals and objectives. You might find some of the leadership aspects in this

leadership training

blog interesting.

Yes! Fun and laughter opportunities - I like that.

You do it better than most Easton! :-) We all need it. I have a long board meeting tonight - and that gives me an idea:-) Thanks for stopping by ...:-)

I also consider fun and laughter as an essential part of learning. I always make sure that everyone gets enough of it to welcome more lessons.

I most definitely agree with positively enriched environment for a better learning, especially providing fun and laughter opportunities. I'm sure people will have a good experience with that.

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