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Jul 4
Leaders Link to Prosperity through Peace

Today is Independence Day – a time to consider why we are headed for war when we could enjoy Ireland’s kind of of prosperity through peace.

Since I've been working a great deal in Ireland these days ... I cannot help but lift their nation up as a model here. Prosperity they now enjoy makes it worth a serious look....


Recently, I spoke to the head of Transportation in Killarney,  and this seasoned leader hit on differences between Ireland and America’s prosperity at the moment. Riches that continue to pour into Ireland – now that peace is part of the package in that country. And in the US? Here riches leak out daily through hebbian beliefs about winning wars.

That got me thinking 10 brain based tips leaders use to increase prosperity through.

1. Compare cost of violence to costs for prosperity.
2. Control cortisol that leads to personal violence.
3. Concentrate more on leaders who practice peace plans.
4. Cooperate with others to gain peaceful benefits.
5. Concentrate on mental rewiring for peace and prosperity.
6. Call upon people’s desire for higher patriot visions.
7. Create a doable brain based peace plan.
8. Celebrate peaceful solutions to conflicts.
9. Change tone and daily routines into serotonin builders for growth
10. Cancel reports of competition alone to include compassion

Know leaders who model any of the above Cs?

What would you add, based on leaders you sense could guide us in plans for more peaceful solutions?

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