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5 Ways Leaders Waste Brainpower and Tips to Turn it Around

Here are five surefire ways leaders waste  brainpower at work and a tip or two that could turn things around.

1. Eat too much before or during a workday and your brain becomes too busy digesting every big morsel you swallowed, to do much of anything else. To take back your brain’s focus power …  it is far better to consider a few brain foods for snacks at work, and eat small amounts at more frequent intervals. 
2. Concentrate on the problems at work since they are easier to find than solutions. It guarantees that your brain loses its serotonin and instead it picks up cortisol – a hormone which works against you on the job. A few serotonin builders could take back its ability to suggest a solution instead of seeing only problems.

3. Do the same thing in the same old way daily so people pretty much know what to expect. If possible do it from home, and you can avoid interruptions of any kind. Unfortunately this approach means your brain breaks into Hebbian Learner patterns though. You actually diminish and reshape your brain for more of the  same low output and boredom.  Start to rewire your brain for change by playing a different Sudoku game each day this week.

4. Wing through your day creatively and pretty much go with the moment. The disorganization will keep your brain running an hour late and a dollar short for successful deals others nab. Instead, why not target one way to use each side of your brain daily at work daily, to ensure the organizing side comes onboard without taking out the creative side at the same time. 

5. Show people how much you know already and then advise them about the best ways to approach their work. Look at change as a personal challenge and then motivate others to become the person they want others to see in them. Let personal change lead you to organizational change.

We all allow brainpower to leak out at some point or other in the day. That’s why is important to help leaders spot the seepage and refill their tanks, before too much leaks out. How do you harness your mental energy,  so brainpower’s there when you need it most in a day?

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