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Do You Lead Where Apples are Square?

While working in Ireland this month, I realized how much I love and am daily encouraged by top leaders like Dr. Robyn McMaster and others in my brain based business work. Not everybody loves their job though, and we hear more and more horror stories about faster speed, efficiency or profitability – that zaps and devalues people.

In some firms customers are neglected, and in others, employees feel diminished. At the same time the news is peppered with stories about fallen leaders. It doesn’t have to be that way. apples%20are%20square.jpg

In the Kuczmarski’s new book, Apples are Square, readers are guided to think differently about leadership. Susan and Thomas use an apple metaphor to show how effective leaders handle and refresh bruised or rotting workplaces.

They cut off the rotting areas to bring what’s still fresh back to life.

Through conversations with innovative leaders the authors created a new leadership model – one that values profit – without diminishing humans. Six values weave their way through most of the book’s invigorating stories and conversations.

Values that create leaders who can renew faith in any workplace include…

1. Humility – Do people feel they could teach you what they do best?
2. Compassion – Would others come to you for guidance when they fail?
3. Transparency – Are you the same person you’d like others to see in you?  
4. Inclusiveness – Does every person you work with speak and feel heard?
5. Collaboration – When was the last time you acted on others’ brilliance?
6. Values-based decisiveness – Would your values restore lost trust at work?

How does your workplace rate? Did you spill all or most of these values into your workplace over the past week? I still have a way to go … but I’ve learned to enjoy the process as much as the profits…. You?

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