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Thank God it's Friday?

This past Friday I was in downtown Washington DC visiting some coaching clients.  The building I work out of on Fridays is multi story and requires visitors to check in with security and sign in.  A middle-aged woman was working behind the desk.  I asked her how she was doing.  Her reply was a cheery "great, today is Friday!"

Ironically, the Friday before there was a different woman working behind that desk and her reply was exactly the same.  In fact, my personal experience tells me most people are at their very best, their very happiest, on Friday.  Monday through Thursday seems to put most folks in a depressed, mechanical trance.  Take a look at the people who are sitting next to you on the bus or Metro those days.  Look at the people on either side of you as you sit in traffic on the highway.  Lots of drab, emotionless expressions...

The question is, why does happiness in life have to revolve around getting through the workweek and into the weekend?  Does a working life need to be one of pre-planned, five day misery? 

Absolutely not!

As a career coach, I work with many people who've been laid off.  While most are shocked and depressed, many of them are slightly relieved that the daily grind received a respite.  My job is to work with them to not only get A job, but their DREAM job.  It's a very exciting prospect, but most rewarding when a client tells me they no longer dread Mondays.  If this sounds like you, then pay attention while I list out the components of a DREAM job.  You dream job fits your:

1.  Passion - the things in life that energize you, motivate you, and completely interest you.  While working in your passion area, time flies and you would even consider doing these kinds of activities as a volunteer.

2.  Personality - the way you are "hard-wired."  A personality fit is one where you feel energized, challenged but not beat up, organized in the way that suits you, and structured into a perfect fit.

3.  Strengths and Natural Abilities - the abilities and talents that are a perfect match.  Everyone has these, but if this is a perfect fit, then each of your special gifts and talents are used to the fullest.

4. Preference - the specifics of the job itself.  This could be the company size, the location, the amount of job challenge, the degree of autonomy and flexibility.

5.  Goals - the hopes and dreams you have for the future.  These are mostly long-term and have little to do with end-states (such as being "happy" or "successful")

Can you have it all?  Absolutely!  Let me suggest that if those five components are met, money won't seem quite as important, you'll enjoy what you do, and most of all, you will no longer live for Friday!

So this week, take a good hard look at your work life.  Ask yourself about your attitude towards Friday and Monday. If you live for the former and dread the latter, then maybe now is the time for a complete career makeover.  Take some steps this week to establish some goals and identify areas you could leverage into a new and rewarding career.

Not telling you what to do, just offering you a suggestion!

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