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Hillary Clinton said "Work Hard and Play by the Rules!"
Leaders sometimes say spiffy things on the surface ... that  make you wonder about their roots underneath. It happened to me today.

All day I’ve been curious about Clinton's words … WORK HARD AND PLAY BY THE RULES. What does this really mean and who benefits?  I imagined myself commending Enron workers who spent a lifetime doing what Hillary suggests here .... only to hear stories about how one or two at the top took everything ... while hard work and playing by the wrong rules lost their life savings in its wake. What's missing in this seemingly hot advice? Any ideas?

I plan to try and ask Hillary at her online question session tonight - where she's invited discussion, and I'm signed up with about a million others.  Likely all have questions, but I'll give it a shot. What’s your pressing question for our next commander in chief - whoever wins the big race?

Apparently, we can join Hillary live at her site to ask about her plans, and this zinger’s been rattling around in my brain all day. Hillary%20Clinton.bmp

What does Hillary Clinton have in mind for people like you and me, by her statement … “If you work hard and play by the rules – you can do well in the US.”

Can you really? Has it happened where you live? Two leaders pop into mind who'd disagree with Hillary right off the launching pad, on this one....

If Susan B Anthony had followed this advice, I’d likely not be allowed to vote for Hillary Clinton or anybody else.

Had Martin Luther King followed Hillary’s wisdom here, some of my close friends and brilliant black colleagues likely wouldn't even be around. 

Political promises and platitudes remind us that further discussion's needed, and wisdom's rarely there where it seems.

Clinton promises to touch lives in ways that build a better community for each of us and for this great nation, and so it’s critical to learn what she means by words such as “work hard and play by the rules.”

It’s up to you and I to ask upcoming leaders what they really mean, before they take office and spiral us downward into another black hole. Let’s ask the hard questions upfront... like who’s raking in profit from our hard work? Or who's making policies ... who's keeping them ... and why?

I’m especially curious about the rules Hillary wants us to play. Are you?

Time to listen up and ask again, until we figure out what Hillary has in mind for work and rules – that appear to be made by a few, for the benefit of a few, with a scary impact on many. Nuff said....

What's your question? Who knows - maybe Hillary'll drop our leadership community and share an answer or two....

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