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Peace on Earth?

Well it's nearly here.  The long and expensive shopping days, endless loops of Christmas songs on the radio, steady streams of jewelry commercials on the TV, and salutations of "Merry Christmas" and Happy Holidays" are winding down and just a few hours remain before the BIG day!

My kids can hardly sit still.  Their friends are pretty wound up as well.  Look beyond family and much of the world can't sit still either.  The war in Iraq rages on with no clear end in sight.  Major war is breaking out in Ethiopia and Somalia.  Human tragedy in Darfur.  Iranians and North Koreans giving "the finger" to the world as they develop and refine nuclear capability.

The words, "Peace on Earth" still ring out, but with a somewhat hollow meaning.  Perhaps peace on Earth won't happen in our lifetime despite our best efforts.  Still, it's a noble thought and so I have two suggestions on establishing a little personal peace on Earth for us.

1.  Forgive Others.  We've all had 365 days to interact with our family and co-workers.  I'm sure that somewhere along the line, somebody has wronged us, turned on us, or disappointed us.  Without forgiveness, the offense sticks in our mind and grows.  It's quite possible the anger will turn to bitterness which is a dangerous phenomena. Bitterness can rule us and prevent us from ever experiencing any peace, on Earth, or internally.  Identify those hurts and let them go.  Forgive and forget.

2.  Forgive Yourself.  I've made a ton of mistakes this year.  Perhaps you have too.  There's no changing the past.  Make amends to those you've wronged.  Ask their forgiveness, then let it go.  Don't hang on to old baggage.  Make peace with yourself.  Forgive and forget.

We have a week before the New Year's resolutions begin.  Before starting anew, take some time to clean up last year.  Start with a truly clean slate both in your mind and in your environment.

Peace on Earth everyone!

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Those are good thoughts, Malcom, and it's nice to see someone mention them in a business blog network.

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