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Lead Past Traditions - With the Brain in Mind


 I’ve been thinking lately about people who lead us beyond traditions… while respecting traditionalists whose wisdom can help us to inhabit new landscapes. My curiosity about that comes from a desire to learn from the pros and a desire to lead with the brain in mind.

We learn from the pros, observe them, seek them out as mentors and partners. That’s good for the brain and good for business. It’s also beyond tradition.jpggood to use proven brain based approaches to challenge traditional pros … especially those who  become complacent or arrogant.

To encourage people’s evolution forward, is to  help them to
reflect on opposite views in ways that show added value that comes from alternative possibilities. It’s a bit like riding the bus and pushing it at the same time… and the brain is equipped for both in ways that amaze people we work alongside.

New Neurons Need Signals to Survive We are reminded at ScientificAmerican.com that “the human brain continues to produce new nerve cells throughout its life and these neurons may be key to learning new information. But many of these novice neurons wither and die before joining the vast signaling network of their mature peers.”

Did you know they recently discovered a
novelty area in your brain? It’s a matter of leading past traditions and into novelty. Interestingly…. new research also shows that the presence or absence of new ideas or insights --represented by the neurotransmitter glutamate—literally decides a young neuron's fate. Sound like a reason to see and do new things to grow and nurture new brain cells?

Fred Gage of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and his colleagues suspected that a lack of brain signals significantly impacted a new neuron's fate. It turns out that the life of the hippocampus is tough … and that it benefits from new stimuli in ways that enable young cells that latch onto new facts to survive some of the old cells fight for survival. Hmmmm….

I’ve decided to golf today on a new course … just to see if any new stimuli there increases the young cells in my own brain. How about you – what new stimuli could lift your day to a new place – past traditions into novelty? 

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