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Gratitude is the Lubrication of Leadership
I found Dr. Ellen Weber’s post “A Time to Thanks” quite thought provoking. I had been thinking about this same topic and the importance that gratitude should play in all aspects of my life – business, family, community and everyday interactions.
Dr. Weber wrote:

“If you are like me … you get too busy at times … and when schedules swamp us… we tend to forget to  thank people around us.”

Dr. Weber then went on to express appreciation in several ways.

 In my experience gratitude is the lubrication that makes leadership run smoothly. It softens criticism, buffers conflicts and smooths and cools contention. THe least educated auto mechanic knows that without lubricants, a vehicle cannot run despite a powerful engine, the best tires adn aerodynamic design. Liekwise, your organziation - despite its power, will break down and fail without the lubrication of gratitude.grand prix 2.jpg

As leaders, our resources of time and money are limited.  However, our ability to express gratitude, appreciation and encouragement is only limited by our willingness. 

Say "thanks" for the simplest effort.  There is no scarcity of appreciation if you will simply apply it liberally. What you will find is that as you lube your organzization with gratitude and appreciation is results. Goals will be met. People will be empowered. You willl be followed.


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nice analogy--I agree.

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