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Extreme Leadership Development

There are hundreds of approaches to training leaders. Andrew Thorn, of Telios Corp (leadership development firm) is trying some “extreme” tactics.

From his blog, he writes

"I began piloting a very intense program designed to help people who are already very successful become even more focused and successful. Each participant is responsible for setting four extremely huge and crazy goals. The purpose of the program is to find out how much each person is really capable of accomplishing."

He asks,

"How much time to you think you waste on a daily basis? This program is designed to fill those wasted moments with purpose driven activity."

Andrew apparently doesn’t just ask his clients to take such risks and make such efforts. He is also on the program. One of his four “extreme” goals is tobaker road.jpg “run, walk, crawl, stumble and/or dance across 52 miles” of California desert – from Baker California, Gateway to the Mojave to the Nevada stateline. The effort will include going over two mountain passes. He has given himself 90 days to train.

It will be interesting to see the results of this experiment for Andrew and his clients. Few things are more empowering for anyone, even experienced leaders, than accomplishing an extraordinary goal.

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I am always amazed at what one can accomplish when focused...A march across the desert could be one incredible unforgetable event...

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