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Young CEOs Lead

Forbes has a great story profiling young American CEOs of publicly traded companies. According to Forbes,

“Of the companies on Wall Street's Russell 2000 Index, there are just eight chiefs age 35 or under.”

These young leaders seem to have all taken a slightly different route to their success. Most didn't count on being recognized but took initiative.  There are a couple of MBAs and a college drop-out included in the group. A few were founders of their companies while others worked their way into the job.  Dealbreaker points out that  picking the right parents helps as three of the eight inherited the role from the family business.  This fact neither qualifies or disqualifies them as capable leaders.  For all of them, the public markets will measure, test and critique their performance.

Each leader brings a youthfulness and fresh perspective to the job. Their rise to the top (and their ability to stay there) should provide an excellent case study in leadership. Sadly, there are no women found in this category. I have listed them below.

Johnathan Z. Cohen, 35
Resource America Inc. (REXI)

Jon S. Brumley, 35
Encore Acquisition Co. (EAC)

Michael L. Chasen, 34
Blackboard Inc. (BBBB)

Mariner J. Kemper, 33
UMB Financial Corp. (UMBF)

Matthew McCauley, 33
Gymboree Corp. (GYMB)

Michael G. Rubin, 33
GSI Commerce Inc. (GSIC)

Craig P.R. Joffe, 33
LCA-Vision Inc. (LCAV)

Kevin A. Plank, 33
Under Armour Inc. (UARM)

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