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Jul 4
Why the World Doesn't Need Superman
Yesterday we all went to watch the new movie Superman Returns. The storyline, special effects, and nostalgia were wonderful. I fully expected my kids to rave about the movie when it ended...

They weren't that impressed.

I guess Superman was a hero to my generation and to that of my parents. It was a time when we all looked to one man to make sense of the chaos. Times have changed.

In the business world, we've been let down by the Supermen and Superwomen we've come to know. Ken Lay and Martha Stewart betrayed our trust. Donald Trump and his big hair are now mere satirical characters on a reality show. Jack Welch and Michael Eisner have retired from the board room. Our "leaders" on the Hill bicker and fight over trivial matters, waging partisan wars on only vote-attracting issues.

Nobody needs Superman - the Great Man concept is dead. We need individual Great Men and Great Women to step up wherever they are. All of us have opportunities every day to take on the role of the leader. People around us need credible individuals to get them through - not in the large areas, but in the small spots of influence each of us have.

It's a new generation now that hopes for individual leaders in pockets of crisis. Take a good look around you and see where you can step up and make a difference.

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