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Howard Gardner's Urgent Call for Good Works

For the last 15 years…it’s been my privilege to know and be encouraged personally by Dr. Howard Gardner. He’s currently Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education, Chairman of the Steering Committee of Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Adjunct Professor of Neurology at the Boston University School of Medicine. Author of over twenty books, he recently co-authored  Good Work and Making Good. Awarded the MacArthur "Genius" award, the University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award and twenty honorary doctorates, Dr. Gardner identified a multiplicity of intelligences discussed at Brain Based Business as distinctive…each rather independent of the others… and he showed the malleability of the brain to develop throughout an entire lifetime. 

Good Work.gifDr. Gardner has recently turned his attention and ours to consider how an ethical mind works and how good works can work in your favor…He calls for a return to work that is excellent, ethical  and meaningful… Gardner ’s life and works have helped me again and again to reconsider these habits of the mind… to reflect on what it means to be a "good worker," as he lives and teaches it.... His new book helps us to hire ethical workers and helps employees to rethink…  “How do young workers become good workers?” What do you think? Howard Gardner.jpg

To see ethics…for Gardner is also to question, ”What are the early experiences and habits of mind that have led some idealistic young workers to become jaded, unethical veterans?” Similar questions and concerns in the field of journalism ... led Hal Halladay, CEO...and Tim Stay, Chief Innovation Officer... to co-found Know More Media. Perhaps  these three leaders will stop by ... and share how these urgent questions could help us all to move business practices toward more ethical "habits of the mind"….Now there's a challenge....

For Gardner “Every worker has both the right and the responsibility to be a professional who produces work that is good, both in the technical sense of being performed with skill and in the moral sense of responding to the needs of society. People can more likely attain good work, if the field in which they work is "well aligned" in that all stakeholders want more or less the same thing… For those of us who feel concerned with news of more moral decay… or who wish to encourage more ethics, excellence and meaning at work… Dr. Howard Gardner is truly a genius of our time… on the habits of the mind that lead to moral leadership…and on how workers can achieve moral leadership in any organization… What do you think?

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Gardner's new focus on good works, in my mind, paves the way for a more thoughtful and gentle society than what we see now. In the field of journalism, for instance, we see a mindset of critical attack when it could be a more thoughtful approach to possibilities beyond problems.

Dr. Gardner, are you noting positive changes in the workplace through the research you are doing? Do you have an example?

Dr. Gardner...my company, JOBDIG, is attempting to create a new kind of workplace newspaper that really provides new and interesting insights on the world of work. Our audience is mostly blue collar and mostly located here in the upper Midwest.
We have been surprised at the lack of information available for this audience...they get most of their information from workforce centers.
We would like to re purpose some of your articles into our weekly free papers and on our many websites. Is this possible?
thanks and keep up the great posts.
Minneapolis, MN

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