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Leadership Traits Honed at High Altitude

I am always fascinated by opportunities to experience leadership and learn from the simple occurrences of daily life.

So I found this course offered by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Undergraduate Leadership Program of particular interest. 

The course is a week of learning and living the challenges of mountaineering and from that experience -- drawing lessons in leadership. The course takes place in northwestern Wyoming in Grand Teton National Park.  

The Tetons rise forgrand teton.jpg more than a mile in a single sweep to a peak of 13,770 ft. The leadership training occurs as its participants spend a week in “group experiences, readings, evening discussions, guest speakers, a team-based service project, and personal reflection” and of course an assualt on the summit.

Activities focus on developing leadership skills in a spectacular and challenging environment. The venture focuses on the development of key team leadership skills including

“working effectively as a member of a small group, demonstrating individual and mutual accountability, developing a vision, articulating it and inspiring others to achieve it, communicating complex information clearly, learning new and unfamiliar skills in a challenging environment, setting a significant team goal, making rapid decisions, giving and receiving feedback, and managing individual and team outcomes.”

It sounds like a great experience. Just on more reason to wish I was an undergraduate.

Have you learned leadership through these types of experiences? Let me know about your adventures that taught you important leadership traits.

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