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Invisible Children is Viral

Editor’s Note: Thanks to my daughter Macy for this guest post. Macy just finished her freshman year at Brigham Young University yesterday – on her 19th birthday. On her birthday wish list was an African bracelet – come to find out, to support Invisible Children. Happy Birthday Macy. She arrived at our home late morning after packing all day and all night and then driving from Provo, Utah to southern California.macy BYU.JPG

I am passionate about the great message and work of Invisible Children. The guys from Invisible Children came to BYU at the end of February. I found them working a small booth in our student union. I stopped because of my interest in Africa and humanitarian aid. They had attracted a small gathering of people. The booth was manned by college kids, many from California and so we had something in common besides our interest in a good cause. I also found out that they were on an internship taking the Invisible Children mission to college campuses across the U.S.

My friend and I bought a DVD and were given six more and asked to tell the story in our dormitory. Based on what we already knew, we were happy and enthusiastic to pass it on. 

But then we went to our rooms and watched the movie and it became a part of our lives – not just another cause. We knew we had to spread the message that the DVD so powerfully tells. Since that week we have had a showing of the DVD every Thursday and this last showing had more than a thousand people attend. We have been spreading the word by sending the movies to our friends. We have been busy on Facebook passing the word to friends at more than 100 colleges including my group of more than 500 college students that follow Rwanda.  I sent the DVD to friends at Sonoma State and Cal State San Marcos. And so it goes.

The DVD is made to be easy to share. It comes with a wall-mounted holder. We put it on the walls of our dorm floors and told people to take it and watch it. If anyone was thinking about stealing it, I am sure their mind changed after watching it. It is just too powerful. It not only inspires but motivates you to do something. So people took it and watched it and returned it to the holder. We also put up posters in the dorms.

I encourage everyone to buy the bracelet, register your email and plan on the Global Night Commute on April 29th! It is a great way to get connected. When you register you can type in your location and it will find other people near you that are going to walk on April 29th. Registering is important. The list of names will be sent to Congress. Be sure that your name is on it. 

If you have any questions, ask your kids or anyone under 25. It is great to be a part of a community of young people helping young people. Don’t you want to feel great too?  And young?

My Dad said I should say thanks to Seth Godin and a guy named Chartreuse even though I don't know who they are. So
thanks  And of course thanks Tim for helping tell this story. And hi Mom, Dylan, Truman & Beecher.


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I appreciate all you're doing on this front. I just picked this story up from Tim this morning and I'm so impressed by what is going on. I hope your efforts do lead to a real difference in the world!


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Tim's post on LeaderNotes about the Invisible Children got me thinking.  Macy's guest post there reinforced the message.  I've spent several hours today reading about and watching the videos prepared by the Invisible Children, Inc. I won't pr... [Read More]

Great story, Macy! I saw this on Oprah the other day with my wife and I think it's an important idea that's being very savvily advertised.

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